Évaluation de base

Planification individuelle

Établissement d`une demande de permis de construction

BeArch vous offre un grand nombre de services : de la consultation jusqu´à l`assistance à la construction en passant par la planification du bâtiment et la gestion de projet.



Blueprints & Schoolworks

I have acquired, along my life as a student, drawing, painting, designing, computing, and linguistics skills.

Fashion artwork

In this section you will find plenty of artworks, paintings and drawings centered on various themes (fashion, product, architecture, etc). Different technics were used such as acrylic and watercolor.

Natural science museum sketches

In this section reside sketches from various expositions, museums, and walks in the city of Paris. Some of them were from the Gallerie de l'Evolution, others from the Monumenta Exhibition, and a few represent people that were used as models.

Designing blueprints

In the blueprint section tou will find projects that I've been working on in class, projects that are linked to applied arts and design domains of all kind (fashion, architecture, product and advertising).

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